marco dessardo, sculptor
Escaper (Seneffe, Belgium - 2017) Courage, Fuyons! (Brussels, Belgium - 2016) Éloge de la Fuite (1F Rue des Renards, Brussels, Belgium - 2016) Fuga (Bethisy Saint Martin, France - 2016) Onda (Bethisy Saint Martin, France - 2016) Lento (Korpoo Island, Finland - 2016) The Loudspeakers (Tsukuba, Japan - 2015) Extend (Worpswede, Germany - 2015) Prosthesis (Abiko, chiba, Japan - 2014) Copy (Neustadt an der Donau, Germany - 2014) Extension de Poulailler (Nannay, France - 2013) Water Breathing Sculpture (East Haddam, USA - 2013) Gargouilles (Creysse, France - 2013) Becoming a Yatoo Artist and Gargoyles (Wongol, Korea - 2013) Essai d'Installation à Wattwiller (Wattwiller, France - 2013) Local (Brussels, Belgium - 2012) Proto-Gonzo Opening (East Haddam, USA - 2011) Dix Goulottes et un Parasite (Tuilières, France - 2011) Zone (Gartow, Germany - 2011) Junk Trail (Connecticut, USA - 2010) As Local People Do (Friesland, The Netherlands - 2010) The Wheelbridge (Connecticut, USA - 2009) Waterfall (Connecticut, USA - 2009) Mobilosan (Daeryong, Korea - 2009) Thanks to the Pipes (Connecticut, USA - 2008) Erddach (Lehnin, Germany - 2008) Waterloop (Flevoland, The Netherlands - 2008) Camouflage (Camargue, France - 2008) Stylite Exodus (Connecticut, USA - 2007) Exodus am Rhein (Ludwigshafen, Germany - 2007) Wasserstand (Ingolstadt, Germany - 2007) The Wall (Comines, Belgium - 2006) Network (Kongju, Korea - 2006) Het Huisje en de Goot (Drenthe, The Netherlands - 2006) Kit of Belgian Flags (Brussels, Belgium - 2006) Penta & Stone (Busan, Korea - 2004) Mul Gil (Kongju, Korea - 2004) Aqueduc (Gesves, Belgium - 2004) Pän tà (Shanghai, China - 2003) Cadenas Parasísmicas (Putaendo, Chile - 2003) Cortejo Fúnebre (Putaendo, Chile - 2002) Casa Anticiclónica (Las Malaguetas, Dominican Rep. - 2000) Petite Jetable (Wissant, France - 1998)

Pän tà was created during the Yuzi Paradise International Symposium in Guilin, China. When finished, it was installed in the Shanghai Sculpture Park.

Pän tà is also an element of a larger project for a foldable pentagonal structure. The complete project, called «Penta», is intended as the foldable carpentry for a utopian house. Over the past few years, various elements of this carpentry, with the same pattern, have been built in many places around the world. Since all of them will be joined together one day, the dimensions and hinges of each element are very precisely defined.
The five elements in granite, with marble and embedded bronze, create a place. Two paths reach the place, a third access is from the lake.

drawing of the project drawing of the project

25 m x 14 m x 2 m, granite, marble, bronze, red painting, Shanghai Sculpture park, Shanghai.
Chief assistant: Jiwang Yuan, deputy chief assistant: Zhili Yuan, other assistants: Xiaodi Shi, Shumin Shi, Jinshui Yuan, Shuangying Shi Fuwang Yuan, Jicheng Yuan, Chunliang Tang, Meng Yuan Xinwang Su, Qiangrong Mo, Qier Pan, Key

Pän tà  (Shanghai, China map - 2003)
25 x 14 x 2 m, granite, marble, bronze, red painting
Movie 1: Pan-Ta (15 mn) 
Pän tà  Shanghai, China  2003
25 x 14 x 2 m, granite, marble, bronze, red painting