marco dessardo, sculptor
Escaper (Seneffe, Belgium - 2017) Courage, Fuyons! (Brussels, Belgium - 2016) Éloge de la Fuite (1F Rue des Renards, Brussels, Belgium - 2016) Fuga (Bethisy Saint Martin, France - 2016) Onda (Bethisy Saint Martin, France - 2016) Lento (Korpoo Island, Finland - 2016) The Loudspeakers (Tsukuba, Japan - 2015) Prosthesis (Abiko, chiba, Japan - 2014) Copy (Neustadt an der Donau, Germany - 2014) Extension de Poulailler (Nannay, France - 2013) Water Breathing Sculpture (East Haddam, USA - 2013) Gargouilles (Creysse, France - 2013) Essai d'Installation à Wattwiller (Wattwiller, France - 2013) Local (Brussels, Belgium - 2012) Proto-Gonzo Opening (East Haddam, USA - 2011) Dix Goulottes et un Parasite (Tuilières, France - 2011) Zone (Gartow, Germany - 2011) Junk Trail (Connecticut, USA - 2010) As Local People Do (Friesland, The Netherlands - 2010) The Wheelbridge (Connecticut, USA - 2009) Waterfall (Connecticut, USA - 2009) Erddach (Lehnin, Germany - 2008) Waterloop (Flevoland, The Netherlands - 2008) Camouflage (Camargue, France - 2008) Stylite Exodus (Connecticut, USA - 2007) Exodus am Rhein (Ludwigshafen, Germany - 2007) Wasserstand (Ingolstadt, Germany - 2007) The Wall (Comines, Belgium - 2006) Network (Kongju, Korea - 2006) Kit of Belgian Flags (Brussels, Belgium - 2006) Penta & Stone (Busan, Korea - 2004) Mul Gil (Kongju, Korea - 2004) Aqueduc (Gesves, Belgium - 2004) Pän tà (Shanghai, China - 2003) Cadenas Parasísmicas (Putaendo, Chile - 2003) Cortejo Fúnebre (Putaendo, Chile - 2002) Casa Anticiclónica (Las Malaguetas, Dominican Rep. - 2000) Petite Jetable (Wissant, France - 1998) Tasu (Béthisy Saint-Martin, France - 2017)

In the aftermath of the nuclear reactor accident in Block 4 of the Chernobyl nuclear power station, the whole population was forced to flee the area designated as the Zone, leaving behind an empty and desolate land. Today it has almost entirely been forgotten that this land originally possessed a rich cultural heritage. Chernobyl was once a flourishing town in the heart of the Polesia region, where a unique rural culture, unparalleled elsewhere in Europe, had been preserved in this flat land of great forests, rivers and lakes. Even after the reactor disaster, Ukrainian scientists continued to remove valuable cultural treasures from the Zone and these are now stored in repositories in Chernobyl, Ivankiv and Kiev.
The exhibition is dedicated to the culture of Chernobyl and its destruction. An exhibition at the Westwendischer Kunstverein of the name signs that had once marked the boundaries of the places which were bulldozed away after the MCA (maximum credible accident).

At the exhibition’s entrance, installation of a checkpoint device with four screens, connected to an exclusion zone (sperrzone) with electric fences.

Drawings of the project:

project project

Zone  (Gartow, Germany map - 2011)
100 x 25 x 4 m, four screens, two computers, electric fences
Zone  Gartow, Germany  2011
100 x 25 x 4 m, four screens, two computers, electric fences