marco dessardo, sculptor
Escaper (Seneffe, Belgium - 2017) Courage, Fuyons! (Brussels, Belgium - 2016) Éloge de la Fuite (1F Rue des Renards, Brussels, Belgium - 2016) Fuga (Bethisy Saint Martin, France - 2016) Onda (Bethisy Saint Martin, France - 2016) Lento (Korpoo Island, Finland - 2016) The Loudspeakers (Tsukuba, Japan - 2015) Extend (Worpswede, Germany - 2015) Prosthesis (Abiko, chiba, Japan - 2014) Copy (Neustadt an der Donau, Germany - 2014) Extension de Poulailler (Nannay, France - 2013) Water Breathing Sculpture (East Haddam, USA - 2013) Gargouilles (Creysse, France - 2013) Becoming a Yatoo Artist and Gargoyles (Wongol, Korea - 2013) Essai d'Installation à Wattwiller (Wattwiller, France - 2013) Local (Brussels, Belgium - 2012) Proto-Gonzo Opening (East Haddam, USA - 2011) Dix Goulottes et un Parasite (Tuilières, France - 2011) Zone (Gartow, Germany - 2011) Junk Trail (Connecticut, USA - 2010) As Local People Do (Friesland, The Netherlands - 2010) The Wheelbridge (Connecticut, USA - 2009) Waterfall (Connecticut, USA - 2009) Mobilosan (Daeryong, Korea - 2009) Thanks to the Pipes (Connecticut, USA - 2008) Erddach (Lehnin, Germany - 2008) Waterloop (Flevoland, The Netherlands - 2008) Camouflage (Camargue, France - 2008) Stylite Exodus (Connecticut, USA - 2007) Exodus am Rhein (Ludwigshafen, Germany - 2007) Wasserstand (Ingolstadt, Germany - 2007) The Wall (Comines, Belgium - 2006) Network (Kongju, Korea - 2006) Het Huisje en de Goot (Drenthe, The Netherlands - 2006) Kit of Belgian Flags (Brussels, Belgium - 2006) Penta & Stone (Busan, Korea - 2004) Mul Gil (Kongju, Korea - 2004) Aqueduc (Gesves, Belgium - 2004) Pän tà (Shanghai, China - 2003) Cadenas Parasísmicas (Putaendo, Chile - 2003) Cortejo Fúnebre (Putaendo, Chile - 2002) Casa Anticiclónica (Las Malaguetas, Dominican Rep. - 2000) Petite Jetable (Wissant, France - 1998)

The turbulent history of the Orangecanal (Oranjekanaal).
The canal runs over about 40 kilometers from Smilde tot Klazienaveen and was hand built from 1852 to 1860. Misfortune, personal accidents, collapsing of some parts, heavy sand instead of soft peat, low water level, no connection with the other waterways and other miseries made the construction of this canal an economic disaster. The owners never made money in their investment and even the transportation of peat from the bogs was not a success. Just after World War II, it became the property of Dutch government. At that point the waterway was blocked by bridges and dams so there was no longer any open connection.

Near the Oranjekanaal, when it rains on a small house, a gutter brings the water into the forest. The gutter creates links between the house and the forest, plastic and water, art lovers and ticks, artificial and natural.
Water is flowing.

165 meters.
Plastic (PVC), iron cable, a small house, water.
Installed in the forest next to the canal. This environment is part of the village Schoonoord, provincie Drenthe, The Netherlands.

Thanks to: Peter Vos, Trineke Bierenbroodspot, Ceres David, Gerda Tijmes, Lukas Tijmes, Staatsbosbeheer, Adri de Fluiter.

Het Huisje en de Goot  (Drenthe, The Netherlands map - 2006)
165 m, plastic (PVC), iron cable, a small house, water
Movie 1: The Water Collector (1 mn) 
Het Huisje en de Goot  Drenthe, The Netherlands  2006
165 m, plastic (PVC), iron cable, a small house, water